happy holidays

We wish you a season filled with 2020 Vision — in other words, an eye toward everything you’ve learned to cherish this year.

through hardships

Nothing could be more accurate than “per aspera ad astra,” which means “through hardships to the stars,” to describe our path forward as we navigate beyond 2020.
When we look to the stars, we gain a new perspective on what the future may bring. 
So, this holiday season, we’re giving a new meaning to the phrase “2020 Vision” by pointing our telescopes toward the stars in our lives: the people (and pets!) we love, the hobbies and ideas we enjoy, and, of course, you.

seeing stars in

As we’ve learned to value one another more at Centric, we knew we needed to see all our stars — even those we hadn’t discovered yet! Watch the video below to learn more about why we’re dedicating 2021 to building a more robust Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging effort called “Centric Together.”
Tony Hunter
Manager, Indianapolis

As a newlywed, the pandemic has allowed us to spend some real quality time together building our relationship.

the things we value

Bill Chamberlain
Vice President and Practice Lead, Chicago

I’ve learned to value patience and calmness. I went from 1-2 yoga practices a week to a daily yoga practice during lockdown. Now I practice 2-4 times per week since things have loosened a bit. It has been fantastic from both a physical and mental perspective.

Jen Kern
Talent Acquisition,

It’s been great to have several months-worth of weekend family time at the lake due to canceled 
spring and summer sports and my husband not being able to travel for work. The kiddos grew closer and fought less when they were each other's only friend.

I've really valued going back to school full time to earn my third degree in Psychology. If this year has taught me anything, it is to go after your dreams—there's no reason to delay or to talk yourself out of it because you can lose everything you know tomorrow. 

Operations Manager, Seattle
Jennifer Sturm

I imagine my dog, Piper, is thinking, 
"I get to be with my mom all the time. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. She's here so much!"  

Raquel Richardson
Senior Manager,

One of the greatest perks that comes with working at Centric is the option to work from home. “But now that "working from home" is an even bigger part of my life, I have enjoyed finding new ways to establish in-person connections with colleagues and clients alike.

Chris Martinez
Principal Architect, Technology Services 
Debbie Young
Co-Lead for Data and Analytics Practice,

With all the negativity and worry early in the year, I learned to value laughter. There's nothing better than a great story or (unexpected) funny event to melt the tension away.  

shooting for the moon

We all know 2020 was a tumultuous year — one might even say “unprecedented” — but how has that affected Centric’s path forward? Listen to this humorous and informational podcast featuring our managing members — Dave Rosevelt, Larry English, Eric Van Luven and Jeff Lloyd — to find out where we’re setting our sights for 2021.

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the things we value

I'm a little more grounded. I've made it

a point to find time to exercise, spend less time sweating the small stuff, and work more deliberately to find balance with work.

Senior Manager, Customer Experience & Design Practice
Noah Grayson

My kids have a new appreciation for things they took for granted in the past — going to a friend's house, out to eat, playing a sport or participating in a camp or activity.

Ryan Tholen
Senior Manager,

We have virtual game nights with my sister in Cincinnati. What started as a one-time thing in May, we now have a game night every week. It's a great way to connect and decompress from the day and week.

Local Lead for Operational Excellence Practice, Indianapolis
Ken Stark

This year I learned to value the simple things in life, like exploring the outdoors and spending time with the ones I love.  

Christina Hewitt
Vice President and Practice Lead, Technology Services
Mike Brannan

What I've learned to value in 2020: Being flexible, being adaptable, and working to accommodate the needs

of everyone (young, old, weak, strong). I've learned to appreciate taking it a day at a time as the situation changes. 

Renee Sullivan

I've learned to better appreciate the important things, like time with family, people reaching out to check-in, health. I'm figuring out how to stop complaining about what I can't do and instead 

identifying creative ways to adapt and be resilient.

Senior Manager,
Business Consulting Services

This year makes me value the variety of people, especially clients, I’ve gotten to work with, learn from and help over the course of a professional services career and how many more I’ll get to work with in the future.

Senior Consultant,
Bert Rodriguez

My life used to be impossibly busy—I’d be home, maybe, one night

a week. When all of that stopped, I learned

to appreciate having time to rest. Now, my favorite thing is to watch movie

on the couch with my guy and my pups.

Jessica Thompson
Content Coordinator, Marketing
Star-Crossed Traditions

The holidays are going to look a little different this year, and our relationships with those traditions we’ve loved for so long are quickly becoming star-crossed.

In a special edition of “Stories From the Couch,” our team members share what their holidays traditionally look like and how that’s changing this year. 

Whether they’re “zooming” in for holiday dinner, traveling by camper instead of plane, or renting a cabin far from the hustle and bustle of the cities they live in, get a peek into how our employees are keeping the spirit alive, even if the traditions can’t stick around.


stargazing and beyond

We all learned a lot in 2020, from how to quickly adapt and pivot projects to how to keep our personal relationships strong even while virtual. But the most important thing it taught us is to value one another more.
We could not have made it through this year without you, so know you’re amongst our stars. Thank you for helping us succeed and being part of another year with us.
Happy Holidays, and have a wonderful New Year. Here’s to focusing on all of our stars even more in 2021 and beyond!

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