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Trees 1
Thanks for giving the gift of growth – your likes and shares helped us plant a forest of  5,000 trees!
Like a forest, families are filled with unique parts that work together as a whole. And just like forests, families come in all shapes and sizes.
As this year ends, we are grateful you are part of our Centric family. We can’t wait to grow with you in 2022!

- Your Centric Consulting Team

Erynn Truex New Baby
Jim Schaller Youngest in College
Brittney Caldwell Graduating
Susan Jepsen's Grandkids
Tim Fox New Nieces
Anna Diede New Pet Kimchi
Joey Loftus's new baby
Brittney Caldwell Just Married
Jessica Thompson Just Married
Jim Schaller New Pet Murphey
Jehanwa Grant New Pet
Hayley Beasy New Baby
Chantelle Heaton New Pets Rubix & Slinky
Heather Bahorich's son's first day of Kindergarten
Megan Coddington New Pet Pablo
Paula Kurpjuweit New Adventures
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